Learning to be thankful.

When I was 19, I was in a very abusive relationship, one of many in my life. This man used to beat me and abuse me terribly. One particular injury has troubled me to this day. He punched me so hard in my jaw that he knocked me out and caused hearing loss in my ear. The Dr’s told me that it was uncertain if the nerve would heal or not so they couldn’t really tell me if the damage was permanent, only time would tell. So fast forward 22 years and the hearing loss in bad enough that I now have to get a hearing aid in that ear. I actually cried about it and became angry at him for damaging my ear, I guess a bit mad at myself for allowing it as well. I had an internal fight with myself trying to focus on being thankful for the things I do have like the ability to see and walk and hear out of my other ear. I went back and forth with these thoughts all day. Last night I went to sleep and dreamt about him and his child’s mother. In the dream she was fighting for him and I was fighting to get away. When I woke up I realized that I am alive and she is not. I made it out with just hearing loss but she did not. I immediately had survivors guilt or something of the sort but I also immediately thanked God for keeping me. It’s only by His grace that I am here today and for that I am grateful. After all this body is temporary and I am still alive and healthy. So with everything in me I say THANK YOU ABBA FOR LIFE! THANK YOU JESUS FOR LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY. Please set those free that are still trapped in Domestic Violence. Let them find a way to escape. In Jesus mighty name I pray.

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