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Latest from the Blog

  • Disconnected
    I struggle, just like any other person. But this struggle is one I need perspective on. Someone outside of my head, someone outside of my heart. Tell me, teach me, show me something I can’t seem to see on my own. I didn’t form bonds in my younger years. I had an orphans view of […]
  • Passing things down.
    Here i am sitting at my 17 year old sons drug and alcohol evaluation. He’s been through so much already in his life. He’s followed in my footsteps. I started so much younger than him. Would you believe, I was in rehab at thirteen. I know now what it must’ve felt like to see me […]
  • He Carried My Shame in His Crown of Thorns. (2012)
     The consequence of sin is death. Sin, condemnation, guilt and shame are all weapons used by satan and his demons to steal kill and destroy us.  Sin is always followed by the guilt, condemnation, and shame (among other things) those three things tie us to our sin, and sin ties us to those three things.  […]